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784 Data Management and Exchange
Technologies for communication
DLLs (Windows) Shared Libraries (Macintosh)
Mail Slots
ExtendSim Use or Implementation
Import from, or export to, ODBC compliant databases using a “Data Import Export” block (Value library). Note: this is an older Microsoft technology. It is suggested that you use ADO instead.
LPSolve used with the Rate library
Import from, or export to, files located on a server or on the web using a “Data Import Export” block (Value library).
Functions for inter-computer communication
In addition to the uses listed above, these technologies are supported for block development. This is described in the Developer Reference.
Text files
A text file (also known as an ASCII file) is a file of unformatted information. Text files contain written text with the styles removed and/or numerical data separated by some delimiter or sep- arator (such as tabs or spaces).
You can create text files in another application such as a spreadsheet, database, or word pro- cessing program, then read those text files into ExtendSim. Or create text files in ExtendSim, then read them into the other programs.
Text files contain text, data, or both data and text. There are many uses for text files. For exam- ple:
• TosupplyinternaldataasthebasisforanalysiswhenusingSensitivityAnalysis.
• TosharedatawithanexternaldatabaseorspreadsheetprogramsuchasMicrosoftAccessor Excel.
• To output model results to external applications, such as spreadsheets or word processing programs, for presentation or analysis.
• TextfilesofinformationaregeneratedformodelReportsorTraces.
• Most files transmitted from minicomputers and mainframes are text files.
Text files can reside locally, be remotely accessed over a network, or accessed via the internet using FTP.
Creating and opening text files
Some ExtendSim blocks automatically create text files. For example, selected blocks automat- ically output information in the form of a text file when the Generate Report command is cho- sen for a run. If you program custom blocks, you can include ModL functions to have the blocks create or read text files. In addition, there are two methods to directly open or create a text file in ExtendSim:
1) UsetheFilemenucommandstocreateoropentextfiles.Thisallowsyoutolookatreport files, modify data input files, and so on, without having to open another application.
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