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792 Miscellaneous
This chapter covers some additional ExtendSim features and topics, including:
• Using the Navigator to explore models and to access library or database windows
• Printing the model worksheet, Notebook, and block dialogs
• Copying model elements within ExtendSim and between ExtendSim and other applications • ToolTips
• QuickTricks
• Automatedtestingenvironment
• Changing parameters dynamically
• ModelsharingusingtheLockModelcommandandtheLT-RunTimeversionofExtendSim
The Navigator is an explorer-like window that provides easy access to different aspects of ExtendSim. As discussed later in this section, it has three modes:
• ModelNavigatormode.Liststheblocksintheactivemodel,showingblockicons,names, labels, global block numbers, and any hierarchical levels. In this mode the word “Model” is displayed in the Navigator window’s leftmost popup menu.
• Database List mode. Provides a list of the databases the active model uses, if any. In this mode the word “Database List” is displayed in the Navigator window’s leftmost popup menu.
• LibraryWindowmode.Liststheblocks,includingtheiriconsandnames,foraselected library. In this mode all open libraries are listed alphabetically below the line in the Naviga- tor window’s leftmost popup menu.
Opening the Navigator
To open the Navigator:
Select Window > Navigator or click the Open Navigator tool in the Toolbar.
By default, the Navigator opens in Model Navigator mode, with the word “Model” selected in the window’s leftmost popup menu. The name of the active model is listed at the top of the window and below the Navigator’s leftmost popup menu. Each block’s icon is shown, and its information (global block number, name, and label) is dis- played to the right of the icon. If no model is open, the Navigator opens in default “Unknown doc” mode.
A Navigator’s window has two popup menus:
• The popup menu on the left is for switching between modes - Model Navigator (the default mode), Database List, or Library Window. For instance, the Navigator window for the Reservoir 1 model is shown above, set to Model Navigator mode.
Navigator for Reservoir 1 model
How To

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