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794 Miscellaneous
This action opens the library window for the selected library, showing block icons and names in alphabetical order.
Select a block’s icon in the library window. (To select multiple blocks at once use the Shift key.)
Drag and drop the block onto the model worksheet.
Opening a library window directly (by choosing Library > Open Library, then selecting the Open Library Window command at the top of the selected library’s submenu) is equivalent to choosing the Library Window mode in the Navigator.
☞ If a block has been compiled with external source code, it will be listed in the library window with the designation CM (code management) on the right side of its icon. If a block has been compiled with debugging code, its name and any additional information will be listed in the library window in red and the block will display in the model with a red border around its icon. Compiling options are used by block developers and are discussed in the Developer Reference.
Selecting what to print
ExtendSim gives you control over what appears on the printed page. The following table lists what can be printed, depending on which window is active:
Active Window Model worksheet
Hierarchical block worksheet
Help text
Text file
Library window
Structure window
A picture of the worksheet as it appears on the screen. You can choose how many hierarchical layers to print and to optionally print the contents of the dia- logs and plotters.
A picture of the dialog. If the dialog has a data table, you can select whether or not to print all of the data in the table. You can choose to print just the top tab or all tabs.
The plot and, optionally, the data table.
The contents of the Navigator as it appears on the screen.
The contents of the Notebook as it appears on the screen.
A picture of the worksheet as it appears on the screen. If you print more than one layer, it will also print the model worksheet.
The text from the current Help choice.
The text in the file.
A picture of the library window.
All the panes from the structure window and the dialog editor window of a block (see the Developer Reference for more information).
The Print command
ExtendSim decides which type of item to print based on what type of window is active when you choose the Print command. For instance, if a plotter is active, the command becomes File > Print Plotter.
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