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When you select the Print command, if a Notebook or a Navigator window is active, the sys- tem’s standard Print dialog appears. If another window (such as the model worksheet) is active, two dialogs open in sequence: an ExtendSim Print dialog and then the standard Print dialog.
• ExtendSim’s Print dialog is where you select what will be printed.
• After you have selected what to print, the system’s standard Print dialog allows you to spec- ify particulars about the print job. For example, you can set the number of copies to be printed and (for model worksheets and Notebooks) the range of pages.
Worksheet, dialog, or plotter active
When you give the Print command with the worksheet, dialog, or plotter active, an ExtendSim Print dialog opens.
ExtendSim Print dialog
The available options are:
Print model worksheet
Top hierarchical level only
Add frame
Print Notebook
Print dialog boxes Selected blocks
All blocks
Top tab
All tabs
Top plot only
All plot pages Includeplotdatatables
Prints the contents of the worksheet.
Only shows the worksheet’s top level (not the contents of hierarchical blocks).
Specifies how many levels of hierarchical blocks to print (each level will print on a separate page).
Puts a border around the printed worksheet.
Prints the contents of the Notebook.
Prints the contents of the dialogs.
Specifies that only the dialogs of selected blocks will be printed. Specifies that the dialogs of all blocks in the model will be printed. Prints only the top tab of the dialogs.
Prints all tabs in the dialogs.
Prints only the visible plot.
Prints all four of the plot pages. Alsoprintsthedatatablesintheplotters.
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