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796 Miscellaneous
Copy/Paste and Duplicate commands
Option Description
Include dialog data Also prints the complete data tables in the dialogs. tables
Structure or dialog window active
When a block’s structure or dialog window is the active window, choosing the Print command gives you a special ExtendSim Print dialog before the standard Print dialog. This special dialog is shown on the right. The structure and dialog windows are only open if you are working on the structure of a block - its code, dia- log, icon or help.
Printing and Print Setup hints
If you print the model worksheet, a hierarchical block’s structure
window, or the Notebook, the standard Print dialog allows you to print all or only some of the pages. The File > Show Page Breaks command displays page breaks in an active worksheet or Notebook window. It also shows the page numbers in the upper left corner of the displayed pages to help you choose which pages to print. If the Show Page Breaks command is selected for a model, that setting is saved with the model but is not saved for the model’s Notebook.
The Model > Show Block Numbers command causes block numbers to appear on their icons. Block numbers are unique identifiers for each block and appear in the title bar of the block’s dialog. Choosing this command before you print the model worksheet and dialog boxes will help to match dialogs of blocks with their icons in the model.
ExtendSim will automatically print default headers and footers on each page. The Options dia- log’s Misc tab contains a preference to enable or disable the printing of headers and footers (see “Options” on page 814).
Copy/Paste and Duplicate commands
The Clipboard is useful for passing information within ExtendSim or between ExtendSim and other applications. The information that is passed will be either in the form of ASCII text or graphics (Windows: a Windows metafile; Mac OS: PICT graphics). ExtendSim uses the Cut, Copy, Paste, and Duplicate commands in the Edit menu just like other programs. You can see the contents of the Clipboard with the Edit > Show Clipboard command.
☞ Before you choose the Edit or Duplicate command, it is important to select the tool from the toolbar which will allow you to copy the desired items. For example, choosing the All Layers tool and frame-selecting a section of a model causes all items in the frame (blocks, drawing objects, clones, etc.) to be selected and available for copying. However, if you use the Block/ Text Layer tool, only blocks and text will be selected.
Copying within ExtendSim
If you copy and paste or duplicate blocks within ExtendSim, the Clipboard also holds block parameters and connections. This allows you to duplicate portions of models, including the variables in the dialogs of the blocks, to another section of a model or to other ExtendSim models.
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