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Drawing objects and text
Copy or duplicate drawing objects and stylized text from one section of a model to another sec- tion or from one model to another. To copy text, select the text as a block, rather than selecting the text within the text box.
Data can be copied from parameter entry fields and data tables and pasted into other entry fields or data tables.
☞ When copying data tables within ExtendSim, Allow data table titles copying should not be selected on the Misc tab of the Options dialog. If it is, the titles will be added to the data and will cause the original data to be displaced.
Copying from ExtendSim to other applications
Data from parameter fields and data tables can be copied from ExtendSim and pasted into other applications such as word processors and spreadsheets. When you copy data, ExtendSim puts the data into the Clipboard as unformatted text.
For more information, see “Copy/Paste” on page 733.
Plot panes, Notebooks, parts of models, and dialogs are available as pictures to be copied from ExtendSim into other programs:
• CopyanExtendSimplotpanetootherprogramsforuseinreportsorpresentations.Todo this, simply click in the plot pane, then choose Edit > Copy Plot.
• Notebooksandmodelscontainvarioustypesofitemssuchasdrawingobjects,cloneddialog items, and so forth. Before choosing the Copy command, it is important to select the tool from the toolbar that will allow you to copy the desired items. For instance, to copy an entire Notebook, choose the All Layers tool from the toolbar. Then frame-select the entire Note- book (or choose Edit > Select All) and choose Copy.
• Tocopyallorpartsofablock’sdialog,choosetheCloneSelectiontoolfromthetoolbarand select the dialog items you want to copy using any conventional method (frame-select, shift- select, etc.). Then choose Edit > Copy to Picture. To paste the contents of the Clipboard into Microsoft Word, for example, choose Edit > Paste Special.
☞ Copying an ExtendSim picture into the Clipboard changes it into a drawing object. To paste the contents of the Clipboard into the receiving document, it is common to use the Edit > Paste Special command.
When it is not possible to copy parts of a model directly using the Copy command (such as for the entire plotter window), do the following:
• Windows:UsetheCtrl+PrntScrnkeycombinationtosavetheentirescreenasabitmap.Or use a capture program to capture specific parts of the screen.
• Mac OS: Use the Command + Shift + 3 key combination to save the selection as a picture. Or use a capture program to capture specific parts of the screen.
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