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Smart blocks
A standard method when building models–and the technique that ExtendSim pioneered–is to drag a block from a library and drop it onto the model worksheet.
ExtendSim also provides a faster, smarter method for connecting blocks from the Item and Rate libraries - the Smart Blocks technique. To use Smart Blocks, right-click a block’s Item or Flow output connector to see suggested blocks to connect to. Select a block from the popup list and the connection to the current block will be automatically made.
The Smart Block technique uses ExtendSim scripting functionality and an adaptive learning algorithm to seamlessly generate and continuously update the list of suggested blocks based on your modeling habits.
☞ Smart Blocks only apply to Item and Flow output connectors.
Smart connections
The tutorial on page 28 showed how to connect blocks by drawing a connection line between one block’s output connector and another block’s input. There are some faster methods you can also use for blocks in the Item and Rate libraries:
• When dragging an Item or Rate library block to a model that already contains at least one other block from the same library, bump the new block into the existing block. The two blocks will automatically and correctly connect to each other using whichever connection line choices you’ve made. This is the Bump Connect technique.
• To insert a new Item or Rate library block between two connected blocks from the same library, drag the block from the library and drop the block onto the connection line such that the new block’s input connector is on top of the line. This Auto Insert feature will connect the new block between the two existing blocks.
• To disable Smart Connections, go to the Edit > Options > Model tab. ☞ Smart Connections only apply to Item and Flow connectors.
Auto route connection lines
Intelligent connection line control anticipates how you want the lines between Item and Flow connectors to behave when you move blocks. Disabling this feature in the Edit > Options > Model tab allows you to exercise more precise control over connection lines redraws.
☞ This feature only applies to Item and Flow connectors.
Changing parameters dynamically
Another name for the variable or constant number you input in a model‘s blocks is “parame- ter.” Parameters that do not change during the entire simulation run are static. It is more likely that you would want to have a model parameter change dynamically.
One of the most powerful features in ExtendSim is the ease with which you can dynamically change the parameters of a block during the course of the simulation. This is usually done to represent the value of the parameter as a function of something else in the simulation model. You may also want to change a parameter to allow someone else to “game” (modify a value manually) to see how a change impacts the simulation.
There are a number of means for changing parameters dynamically:
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Changing parameters dynamically
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