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Miscellaneous 801
Sharing model files
When this command is selected, a dialog opens for entering an optional password to further protect the model. To lock a model without using a password, leave the password fields blank and click OK. (Note that, if a password is not used, any user can unlock the model.) To unlock a model, simply choose the Lock Model command again and enter the password, if any.
The Lock Model dialog also has a Lock H-Blocks checkbox. Select this to prevent a user from double-clicking a hierarchical block to see the underlying submodel.
Once you have locked a model with a password, you must have that password to unlock the model. Always make unlocked copies of models before you lock them.
The ExtendSim LT version
If you develop models for others, the intended user may not have a need for the full version of ExtendSim. For instance, you might want to distribute a model as part of the response to a Request for Proposal or to showcase your consulting capabilities to potential clients. Or you may want to provide models to your company’s sales staff so they can show customers the out- comes of various equipment or service options. The ExtendSim LT version provides a low- cost, convenient method for distributing the models you build (and your libraries, if you pro- gram).
The LT version allows users who do not have the full version of ExtendSim to: • Runmodelsofanysize
• Enterorimportparametervaluesintoamodel
• See and export results
• See animation in the model, if the model includes that feature
• Build small models for a limited time (up to 75 blocks for up to 180 days) • Save changes (except to models that are locked)
• Print models, dialogs, and so forth
☞ To prevent end users from using the LT version to make changes to your models, use the Lock Model command discussed on page 800.
The limitations of the LT version are:
• The model-building capability is limited to models of 75 blocks and expires after 180 days. While a model larger than 75 blocks is running, or after the expiration period, the application changes to RunTime mode. At that point, end users can only run models. They will no lon- ger be able to build a model, add or remove blocks from models, or alter connections between the blocks.
• Libraries converted to RunTime format cannot be used for model building. So that the end user can run models you give them, but not use your libraries to build models, convert your libraries to RunTime format using the full version of ExtendSim (see “Convert Library to RunTime Format” on page 823).
• ThescriptingfunctionsandActiveXautomationcommandsthatplaceorcreateblocksare not enabled.
• Aswithanyotherapplication,distributionandusagerightsarelimited.
The ExtendSim LT version is licensed to a single user for the user’s personal use on a single computer. For information about any other use, such as distributing an LT version on a CD or
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