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802 Miscellaneous
Referencing dialog variables
from your web site (“right to distribute”), or distributing ExtendSim’s functionality or use to others on an intranet or through the internet (“ASP license”), contact Imagine That Inc.
Referencing dialog variables
Sometimes a modeler must use a source block’s dialog variable as a parameter in a target block. For instance, this is how modelers set model factors and get model responses with the Scenario Manager block, discussed in “How the Scenario Manager works” on page 651.
Blocks that use the interface
The following blocks reference dialog variables from other blocks: • Find and Replace (Utilities)
• Optimizer(Value)
• ScenarioManager(ValuelibraryofExtendSimATandSuite) • Statistics(Valuelibrary)
• Custombuiltblocks,iftheyusespecificfunctions
All of the Value, Item, and Rate blocks have code that supports these interfaces; the feature is also available to block developers, as discussed in “Remote access to dialog variables” in the Developer Reference.
Methods for referencing dialog variables as factors
There are 3 ways to add a dialog variable to target blocks:
• Shift-click.Shift-clickthesourceparameterinthesourceblock’sdialog.Inthewindowthat appears, select which target block should get the parameter.
• Clonedrop.Dragacloneofthesourceparameterfromthesourceblock’sdialoganddropit onto the target block’s icon. This method is especially helpful when one or more of the blocks is within a hierarchical block.
• Manual. Manually enter the dialog variable name into a field or table in the target block’s dialog.
☞ These methods only work if one of the target blocks is in the model.
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