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Menu Commands and Toolbars
ExtendSim menu (Mac OS only)
This chapter explains all the commands that appear in the menus and the circumstances in which you might use them. At the end of this chapter is a description of the tools in the appli- cation toolbar and ExtendSim database.
ExtendSim menu (Mac OS only)
The ExtendSim menu is used to Quit ExtendSim or to Hide its windows. An additional choice, About ExtendSim, opens a window that lists the ExtendSim product, version and serial num- ber and the registered user of the license. If you open the About ExtendSim window, click on the window to close it.
File menu
The File menu lets you open, save, close, and print model and text files. Most of the commands in this menu act just like they do in other applications.
☞ Library files are opened from the Library menu, shown on page 821. Databases open when the model opens, as described at “Database menu” on page 826.
New Model
Opens an untitled model window.
New Text File
Opens an untitled text file window. You can use this to create text files for the Read and Write blocks, as input to sensitized blocks, or for any other Extend- Sim feature that uses a text file as input. See “Text files” on page 784 for more information.
Opens an existing model or text file. (Any libraries and databases that the model uses open when the model opens. To open a library file, use the Open Library command described on page 821.) You can also open a model by double-clicking the model file; this action will launch ExtendSim before opening the model.
You can have any number of models open at the same time; open models are listed at the bot- tom of the Window command. When ExtendSim opens the model, it also opens any libraries that are used by the model.
☞ If ExtendSim can’t find a library used by a model, the message Searching for library... will appear as described in “Searching for libraries and blocks” on page 567. If ExtendSim cannot find all of the blocks used in the model, the missing ones will be replaced with text blocks. When this occurs, ExtendSim will open the model as Model-x to prevent accidentally saving over the old model.
Closes the active window. For example, closes a model if the model worksheet is the active window or closes the model’s Notebook, if the Notebook is the active window.

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