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Depending on whether a model or a text file is the active window, reverts the model or text file to the version saved on disk, discarding any changes since the last save. ExtendSim warns you before it completes this command.
Save Model and Save Model As
Saves the model in the active window to disk. Choose Save to save the file under the current name or Save As to give a new model a name or to save a model under a new name.
☞ If a crash occurs during the save process, your original file could get corrupted. To protect against file corruption, prior to saving any new changes ExtendSim makes a copy of the previ- ously saved version of the model and saves it as ModelName.BAK. To recover a model from a backup file, add a .MOX extension after the .BAK, then open the backup file from the File menu. You may choose to have ExtendSim automatically save backup files or delete them when a save is successful (see “Options” on page 814).
Save Text File and Save Text File As
Saves the text file in the active window to disk. Choose Save to save the file under the current name or Save As to give a new text file a name or to save a text file under a new name.
Update Launch Control (Windows only)
Select this command to cause the currently active Extend or ExtendSim application to open
when a model (.mox) or library (.lix) file is double-clicked. This is only applicable if you have more than one instance of the Extend or ExtendSim application on your computer and you want to cause a specific instance of the application to open when you double-click files. For example, you would use this command if you have both ExtendSim 9 and ExtendSim 8 installed, and you want model files to automatically launch ExtendSim 8 when they are dou- ble-clicked.
The application in which this command was last given will control the launching of the model and library files. To switch applications that will launch those files, just give the command in the Edit menu of whichever application you want to be in control of launching.
Import Data Table
Copies data from a text file into the selected table. After choosing the file to be imported, the Column Separator dialog appears.
You must specify how the columns in the text file are delimited (separated); rows are automatically separated by returns. Most text files that are exported from other applications have columns delimited by tabs; check the format of the text file before choos- ing Import Data. For more information, refer to “Importing and exporting data” on page 734.
☞ A table from a database, dialog or plotter must be selected before this command can be used.
Export Data Table
Column Separator dialog
Menu Commands and Toolbars 805
File menu
Revert Model/Revert Text File
Copies data from a selected table to a text file. It works the opposite of the Import Data com- mand. After you give the file name, ExtendSim puts up the column separator dialog (as shown in the previous section), so you can specify what type of separator to use in the text file. You

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