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Menu Commands and Toolbars
File menu
can read the text file in ExtendSim or in a word processing or spreadsheet application. For more information, refer to “Importing and exporting data” on page 734.
☞ A table from a database, dialog or plotter must be selected before this command can be used.
Import DXF File (Windows only)
Imports CAD drawings in standard DXF format from AutoCAD v13 or earlier or other CAD
programs. The drawing becomes a graphic image which can be used as a background picture in the model, the notebook, or on an icon.
Show Page Breaks
Causes ExtendSim to draw a set of page boundaries on the active window and place page num- bers in the upper left hand corner of each page. These page boundaries show where page breaks will occur if you print the window. Since the size of a page is dependent upon the set- tings in the Print Setup (Windows) or Page Setup (Mac OS) command, it is recommended that you make your Print or Page Setup choices before showing page breaks.
When you choose Show Page Breaks, this menu item has a check mark next to it. To hide page breaks, select this command again.
☞ This command works independently for each active window (each model worksheet, Note- book, dialog window, and so forth). If the command is selected for a model, that setting is saved with the model but is not saved for the model’s Notebook.
Print Setup (Windows) and Page Setup (Mac OS)
Sets the printing parameters (paper orientation, reduction or enlargement, etc.) for the printer
you are using. Choose this command after changing printers or whenever you want to change the printing parameters. Printing parameters are saved with a model.
Prints various ExtendSim documents. If the work- sheet, dialog, or plotter is the active window, ExtendSim first displays the Print Options dialog.
As discussed in “Printing”
on page 794, you can
choose to print the model
itself, its Notebook, and/or
the dialogs of the blocks in
the model. For models
with hierarchical blocks
you can print just the top level or any number of hierarchical levels. Selecting Add frame causes ExtendSim to print a border around the worksheet.
With block dialogs, you can specify to print them for just the selected blocks or for all of the blocks in the model. You can also choose to print just the top tab or all the tabs in block dia- logs. Since some dialogs have long data tables, you can specify whether or not to print the entire data table. If you choose Show Block Numbers or Show Simulation Order from the Model menu before you choose Print, the blocks will print with that information on them.
Print Options dialog

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