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Menu Commands and Toolbars 807
File menu
For plotters, you can print just the top plot page or all pages, and you can also print the (usually lengthy) data tables from the plotters.
If you program, the structure and dialog windows have their own print dialog that lets you choose to print the ModL code, the dialog window, the connector names, the icon, or the help text.
The Print command also lets you print individual windows, such as the Notebook, the dialog, or the plotter window. When one of these windows is the active window, the Print command will print the contents of that window.
Network License (Windows only; network license only)
☞ This command is only enabled if the ExtendSim application is a
concurrent-user network license.
Network licenses require that the ExtendSim Network License
Manager software be installed on a server as a Service. The
ExtendSim application and files are then either installed on the
server (such that client computers use ExtendSim in memory) or
on the hard drives of individual client computers (such that the client computers use a local installation of ExtendSim).
License Info
The License Info window, shown at right, provides information about network license, such as the maximum number of concurrent users allowed, the number of current users, the utilization, and the name of the Server that has the license management file. The window also has several buttons:
• CreateUsersList.Createsandopensalist of licenses where ExtendSim is open and the licenses are connected to the Server (that is, not checked out).
• Open Users List. Only needed when opening a Users list that was created at an earlier time
• CreateCheckoutList.Createsandopensalistofthelicensescurrentlycheckedoutfromthe Server.
• Open Checkout List. Only needed when opening a Checkout list that was created at an ear- lier time.
☞ The WanUsers and WanExportList text files are stored in each Client’s Documents folder. Cre- ating these files automatically replaces any existing files of the same name. To preserve the files, use the Save As command to rename the file or copy the file to a new location.
Log files
Two log files are automatically created on the Server and stored in the Server’s ExtendSim- Server folder:
• WANUtilLog.txt contains a record of all actions taken by the networked Clients. This includes when each connection was made to the Server and who made it, as well as when licenses were checked in or checked out and who did it.
Network License menu

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