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• WANExportLog.txt contains just the information about the checking in and checking out of licenses.
These files can get quite large. They can be deleted or archived if necessary – ExtendSim will create a new file if the old one is not found.
Check Out License (Network license only)
Allows you to temporarily check out a license on a client computer, such as for a laptop that is to be used offsite. Checking out a license reduces the maximum number of concurrent users the server will allow. That number will be restored when the license is properly checked back in.
To permanently remove a client computer from the license network, see the Remove License command, below.
Check In License (Network license only)
After reconnecting the client computer to the license network, use this command to return a
license that had been temporarily checked out from the network. This also restores the number of concurrent users the server allows.
Remove License (Network license only)
Use this command to permanently remove a client computer from the license network. This action deletes the information that would enable the client installation of ExtendSim to connect to the server’s license management application. You can then uninstall ExtendSim from that client. (If you don’t uninstall ExtendSim from the client computer, the next time ExtendSim is launched it will not be able to run unless you supply the connection information.)
☞ To temporarily remove a client computer from the license network, see the Check Out License command above.
Shows information about the selected block or blocks, including Controls, hierarchical blocks, size, X-Y pixel location, creation and modified dates, and which library (if any) the selection came from.
Five most recent models or text files
The five model or text files with which you have most recently worked are listed near the bot- tom of the File menu. To open, select one of the files.
Leaves ExtendSim. If there are any model files with unsaved changes, you are first prompted whether you want to save them.

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