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Edit menu
The Edit menu contains the standard Cut, Copy, and Paste commands as well as commands for directly link- ing with internal data sources and external applications, performing sensitivity analysis, and specifying global options.
Reverses the most recent action. You can undo com- mands, moving blocks, and so on.
Removes the selected item (such as a block, some text, or numeric data from a data table) and places it on the Clipboard. You can see the current contents of the Clip- board by choosing Edit > Show Clipboard.
Copies the selected item to the Clipboard. You can see the current contents of the Clipboard by choosing Edit > Show Clipboard. Copying is useful for duplicating parts of a model as well as for exporting to other applications. You can copy a single block, a piece of text, a group of blocks and text, graphical objects, or numeric values from a data table. You can also copy sections of the Notebook or dialog box as a picture.
☞ The items copied (blocks and text, drawing objects, etc.) depend on the selection tool used to make the selection.
Copying data and pictures is discussed in “Copy/Paste” on page 733.
Menu Commands and Toolbars 809
Edit menu
Copies the contents of the Clipboard to the model. If the Clipboard contains text, a block, or a graphic item, the copied item is placed at the insertion point. For example, if you copy a block, click on the model worksheet, and then use the Paste command, the block will be pasted where you clicked the mouse. If there is no insertion point, the item is placed in the upper left corner of the window.
Removes the selected item. The menu changes to indicate what is selected, such as “Clear Data” or “Clear Blocks”.
Delete Selected Records
Removes the selected records from the currently active ExtendSim database table.
Select All
Selects all the items, such as all the blocks in a model or all the text in a field. The items selected (blocks and text, drawing items, and so on) depend on the selection tool chosen in the tool bar.

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