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810 Menu Commands and Toolbars
Edit menu
Makes a copy of the selected item and puts it near the original item. This is faster and often more convenient than copying and pasting an item.
This command displays a different dia- log depending on whether or not text (such as text within a text box or within the code pane of a block’s structure win- dow) is selected.
If text is not selected, the dialog to the
right appears. This dialog finds a block
by its global block number, name, label,
or category, or locates a text block by its
global block number or by the text con-
tained within the text block. Global
block numbers are unique, permanent
identifiers for blocks and text blocks.
Name means the name of the block in
the library menu (e.g. Equation). Block
labels are defined by the user in the
block dialog and are especially useful to
find types of blocks. Category refers to how the block is classified in the Library menu (e.g. Inputs).
You can also choose to open the dialog of the block once it is located. This command is useful for large models when you are looking for specific blocks.
If text is selected (such as within a text box or within the code pane of a block’s structure win- dow), this command presents the following dialog.
In this dialog, enter the text you want to search for in the Search for: edit box. The Match Words option tells ExtendSim to match whole words only. In that situation, for example, boxer would not be found by a search specifying box as the Search for: string. The Wrap Around choice tells the command to begin searching from the top of the ModL code if it did not find the text before the end.
The Replace with: edit box is used for finding and replacing at the same time (see Replace).
ExtendSim searches for text starting at the current selection and going to the end of the text. If the specified string is found, the string is selected. If it is not found, the insertion point is not moved.
Find block dialog
Find Text dialog

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