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array. However, if a data table is already linked to a dynamic array, its upper left corner will be blue.
Open Dynamic Linked Blocks
The command Edit > Open Dynamic Linked Blocks opens the Find Links dia- log, shown on the right.
☞ This dialog also finds regis- tered blocks. Since they are mainly for developers, reg- istered blocks are dis- cussed in the Developer Reference.
The Find Links dialog is useful for locating and examining linked dialog items or registered blocks.
Link dialog for Global Array
The options in the dialog allow you to choose where you want to search (the contents of data- bases, global arrays, and/or dynamic arrays) and what you want to find (code-defined links, user-defined links, or registered blocks). User-defined links were created by the modeler through the user interface; code-defined links were defined by block developers through ModL code. Registered blocks do not have any specific dialog items associated with a link. Instead, the block just requests that it be informed when the linked data source changes.
The DB selectors and the GA popup menu on the right of the dialog specify which database or global array structure will be searched for. (Leaving the DB name or GA name popup menus to the default choices seen above will find any linked database or global array.)
When the Find Links button is clicked, ExtendSim opens the dialogs of all the blocks with the specified types of links or registration.
For more information, see “Finding linked dialog items” on page 743
Sensitize Parameter
If a dialog parameter is selected, this command opens the Sensitivity Setup dialog, which lets you set values for sensitivity analysis. An alternate method of opening the Sensitivity dialog is to click on the dialog parameter once while holding down the Control (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) key.
A parameter that has sensitivity settings has a frame inside of it. If sensitivity analysis is active for a parameter (that is, if the Enable sensitivity choice is checked in the Sensitivity Setup dia- log), the frame is green. If the sensitivity analysis is inactive for the parameter or if it is turned off for the model as a whole, the frame is red.
Sensitivity analysis is discussed in “Sensitivity analysis” on page 646.
Open Sensitized Blocks
Opens the dialogs of all blocks that have sensitized parameters. This is useful for finding which blocks are used in the scenario. The command opens dialogs with sensitized parameters

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