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Menu Commands and Toolbars
Edit menu
Object (Windows only)
Some embedded objects from external applications have options that can be supported in
ExtendSim. Selecting an object enables this menu command. The contents of it submenu depend upon the type of embedded object; many objects do not have options.
Show Clipboard
Shows the contents of the Clipboard in its own window.
Lets you specify how you want ExtendSim to behave. Note that this is different from the Sim- ulation Setup command which only affects the running of a specific model. The Options com- mand controls actions for all models and has six tabs: Model, Libraries, Programming, Model Style, 3D, and Misc.
Model tab
Use default connec- tion line types
Default connection line style is right angle
Hierarchical blocks have drop shadows
Tool Tips on work- sheet
Model tab of Options dialog
Specifies whether or not ExtendSim uses the default connection line types when creating new connections (see “Connection lines” on page 635).
Sets the default for the Connection Lines command from the Model menu to be right-angle connections instead of straight line connections.
Determines whether there is a shadow around hierarchical blocks.
Causes the block name, number, and library to be displayed when the cursor is hovered over a block on the model worksheet. If you hover the cursor over a connector, the connector name and value are displayed. Note that Help captions for the tool bar stay on even if this choice isn’t selected.

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