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Menu Commands and Toolbars 815
Edit menu
Include additional block information
Play sound at end of run
Metric distance units
Auto route connection lines (Item and Flow connectors)
Smart connections (Bump Connect and Auto Insert)
Text file font Default model path
In addition to the block name, number and library, when a cursor is hov- ered over a block this command will cause additional information, such as a description of the block, to be displayed.
Causes ExtendSim to play the default system sound at the end of every simulation run.
Specifies that default distance or length units in the Convey Item and Transport blocks (Item library) is meters instead of feet. In the Convey Flow block (Rate library), distance and length units are specified directly in the block’s dialog and this setting is ignored.
Intelligent connection line control anticipates how you want the lines between Item and Flow connectors to behave when you move blocks. Turning this off allows you to exercise more precise control over connec- tion line redraws. Note: only applies to Item and Flow connectors.
Enables the Bump Connect and Auto Insert features described in “Smart connections” on page 799. Note: only applies to Item and Flow connec- tors.
Lets you specify the font and size of the characters for viewing and print- ing text files.
If a model pathname is entered here, that model will open when Extend- Sim is launched (when ExtendSim is installed, Getting Started.mox is the default model.) If no path is specified, ExtendSim will look for the model in the application directory or folder.

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