Page 842 - ExtendSim User Guide
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Menu Commands and Toolbars
Edit menu
Libraries tab
Option Automatic search
Alternate path
Show library window dates
List blocks by category in menu
Show legacy/prior ver- sion warnings
Libraries tab of Options dialog
Causes ExtendSim to automatically find and open the libraries used in a model. If this is not selected, ExtendSim prompts you for the location of each library that a model uses. See also “Substituting one library for another” on page 571.
By default, ExtendSim searches for libraries in the Libraries folder. This choice specifies an alternate path for library searches. See also “Library searches” on page 567.
Displays the modified and compiled dates for each block in the library windows.
Causes blocks in each library to be listed in hierarchical menus by cate- gory. Deselect this choice if you want all of the blocks listed alphabeti- cally.
You can turn the legacy library version warnings on and off by selecting or deselecting this. This option is selected by default and protects you from using obsolete libraries in new models and from unintentionally overwriting existing models with new file formats.
NOTE: Legacy libraries are included so that models created using those obsolete libraries can still run. They should not be used to create new models. This option causes a warning message to display if a legacy library is opened using the Library > Open Library command; the warn- ing is not displayed if the library is automatically opened because a model is opened. Legacy

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