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Preload libraries
Open library window
Programming tab
Menu Commands and Toolbars 817
Edit menu
Enter names of libraries you want automatically opened when Extend- Sim starts. Type in the name or use the Browse button to locate a library and cause its name to be entered in the selected field. Note that Extend- Sim will still ask for the location of any libraries located outside of the active application’s Libraries folder. To cause a library to not preload, erase its name from the field.
NOTE: Depending on the particular product, the major libraries (Anima- tion 2D-3D, Item, Plotter, Rate, Utilities, and Value) preload by default. For example, launching ExtendSim CP causes the Animation 2D-3D, Plotter, Utilities, and Value libraries to also open. The libraries that will open on application launch are listed in fields on the Libraries tab.
Opens the window of the library listed directly to the left of the checkbox when ExtendSim is started.
ToolTipsonblockdia- logs
Tool Tips on dialog editor
Structure window opens in front
ModL font
Programming tab of Options dialog (Windows)
Displaysthevariable/messagedialognameswhenthecursorishovered over dialog items in a block’s dialog.
Displays the variable/message dialog names when the cursor is hovered over dialog items in a block’s dialog editor window.
Opens the structure window in front of its dialog editor window. Dese- lect this choice to cause the dialog window to open in front.
Specifies the font and size of the characters for viewing and printing the text in the code pane of the structure window.

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