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Option Shadows
Foot prints & vehicle trails
3D window outside application (after restart)
Level of detail
3D tab of Options dialog
Menu Commands and Toolbars 819
Edit menu
3D tab
Displays shadows on objects in the E3D window. Can cause animation to slow down, since calculating shadows for many objects can be computa- tionally intensive.
Turns on the sounds for 3D objects, such ambient sounds, footfalls, vehi- cle tire squeals, and sounds produced by calling the E3DPlaySound func- tion.
Displays foot prints following the movement of people objects and vehi- cle trails that follow vehicle movement.
Displays a reduced map of the entire E3D window, including location information. Especially useful when building a model.
Windows only. Specifies whether or not the E3D window is a child window of the ExtendSim application. If checked, the E3D window will be a separate window that can be behind or in front of the ExtendSim application window. Otherwise, the E3D window is contained within the application window, like the model worksheet. Note: This option only becomes active after ExtendSim is restarted.
Controls the level of detail with which 3D objects are displayed in the window. You would only need to change from the default setting of Very High if there are many objects on the screen and the display is slow.
The 3D options only apply to ExtendSim products that include 3D animation. For more infor- mation about the 3D animation, see the E3D module that starts on page 462.

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