Page 846 - ExtendSim User Guide
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Menu Commands and Toolbars
Edit menu
Miscellaneous tab
Save Print Setup set- tings
Print header/footer
Allow data table titles copying
Plotter traces default to patterns
Save backup model files
MDI Interface (after restart)
Version check on application launch
Misc tab of Options dialog
Windows only. Causes models to retain the settings specified in the Print Setup dialog. Caution, this may not transfer successfully from one com- puter to another because of differences in printer drivers.
Prints the header and footer information for all files.
Specifies whether or not the Copy command copies row and column titles when copying from a data table. Select this option if you want to copy the titles, such as when you are copying to another program. Do not select this if you are copying into another table within ExtendSim.
Draws plotter traces with a pattern, allowing traces to be visible on a black and white monitor.
When a Save command is given, renames the existing model to “Model- Name.BAK”, then saves the model. This is a precautionary measure, so the original model file won’t be overwritten when it is saved. See also “Save Model and Save Model As” on page 805.
The MDI (Multiple Document Interface) is off by default.
Allows ExtendSim to search for new versions when it launches, deter- mining if the installed version is the most current version. The search occurs each time ExtendSim is launched. If the installed version is cur- rent, nothing happens. If the installed version is not current, or if Extend- Sim is unable to connect to the internet, a warning is placed on the About ExtendSim startup screen.

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