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Menu Commands and Toolbars 821
Text menu
Text menu
The Text menu is used to set the style of text in the model and to temporarily set the style of text in text files. The choices are the same as in most applications. The Border command draws a shadowed border around the text box. The Transparent com- mand causes the background of the text to be transparent. If the Transparent command is not selected, the background of the text is white. For more information about using text, see “Working with text” on page 616.
☞ If you make changes to the settings in the Text menu before you
enter text, those changes will apply to all text entered after the
changes. To change only an existing piece of text, select the text
within its text box, then change the Text menu settings. In that case, Text menu changes will apply only to that existing piece of text, and not to text you subsequently enter.
Library menu
ExtendSim opens libraries automatically when you open models. To open or close a library manually, use the Library menu. For more information about libraries and their usage, see “Using libraries” on page 566.
Open Library
Opens a library file. This causes the library’s name to appear in the
Library menu in alphabetical order. To view the blocks in the
library, click the Library menu and drag down to the name of the
library. When the library name is selected, blocks will be listed to
the right of the menu either alphabetically or by category, depend-
ing on the option selected in Edit > Options >Libraries tab. The first choice in each list is Open Library Window to open a window listing the blocks in the library, as discussed at “Library windows” on page 569.
Close Library
Closes an open library. This command displays a dialog of the open libraries; select the library or libraries to be closed from the list and click Close. Libraries that are in use cannot be closed. To close multiple libraries, Shift select the libraries (or use the Ctrl (Windows) or Command key (Mac OS)), then click Close.
New Library
Creates a new library. When you select this command, you will be presented with a dialog to specify the name of the new library.
Allows you to protect the code of blocks, set library versions, convert libraries to RunTime for- mat, and edit the Startup Screen for the LT-RunTime version.

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