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Library menu
You would only use this command to protect libraries of blocks you build yourself. Do not use this command with the libraries that are included with ExtendSim.
Set Library Version
Allows you to set the long and short version strings for the library. This is useful if you are pro- gramming your own libraries and are concerned about version control.
Convert Library to RunTime Format
Changes a copy of a selected library to RunTime format. This removes the ModL code, as dis- cussed in the Protect Library command, above. It also limits the use of the library:
• ARunTimeformattedlibrarycanbereadbyanExtendSimLT/RunTimeorDemo/Player version to run models but not to build models. (The ExtendSim LT-RunTime version is dis- cussed on page 801.)
• ThefullversionofExtendSimcannotreadlibrariesthatareinRunTimeformat.ThusRun- Time formatted libraries cannot be used to run or build models in the full version.
Converting to RunTime format provides an easy method for providing libraries to others for evaluation or model running, while preventing those libraries from being used to build models.
☞ If creating RunTime libraries on a different computer platform, you must convert and compile the library on the desired platform before convertin that library to a RunTime library.
RunTime Startup Screen Editor
Allows you to customize the startup screen of an LT-RunTime version of ExtendSim so that users know who to contact if they have questions. To use this command, you must have an ExtendSim LT-RunTime application installed on your hard drive. Note that you cannot person- alize the startup screen of the Demo-Player version.
MacWin Conversion (Mac OS only)
The libraries and extensions that come with ExtendSim are already formatted correctly for
your operating system. However, if you build your own libraries or create your own exten- sions, and want to transfer them to a computer running a different operating system, you must convert the files to the appropriate operating system format. Use this command on a Macintosh computer to convert libraries and extensions to the specified operating system format, either Windows or Mac OS.
List of libraries
As libraries are opened, they will be listed at the bottom of the Library menu in alphabetical order.

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