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Menu Commands and Toolbars 825
Model menu
☞ This command works at each level of hierarchy separately and takes effect in whichever level is the active window. Thus if you want only the top level of the model to not show connectors, but the hierarchical levels to show connectors, choose the command when no hierarchical lev- els are open.
Allows you to add a control to the model. You can add a Slider, a Switch, or a Meter. These are described in “Controls” on page 587.
If two or more graphic objects, pieces of text, clones or blocks are selected, allows you to align the objects on the left, right, top, or bottom.
Rotate Shape
Rotates the selected shape or picture by 90 degrees clockwise. Especially useful when creating rotated views for icons.
Flip Horizontally/Flip Vertically
These commands flip (reverse) the shape or picture either horizontally or vertically.
Border Thickness
Puts a border of specified thickness, or of no thickness, around shapes. The default is a black border; change border color using the Shape Fill/Border command, below.
Shape Fill/Border
Determines whether the color selected from the Color Palette is used to fill the shape or to color its border. See also Border Thickness, above
Change Model Style
If a library developer has implemented this feature and blocks have more than one style, this command changes the visual style of blocks in the entire model. The command can also be accessed by right-clicking the model. To set a default model style for new models, go to Edit > Options and select the Model Style tab.
☞ If the developer has not implemented this feature in the libraries, changing model styles will have no effect on the model. Most ExtendSim libraries do not use this feature.
Lock Model
Prevents any modification to a model other than changing dialog values. Can also be used to lock a hierarchical block. Locking models and hierarchical blocks is useful if you are giving the model to others who are unfamiliar with ExtendSim’s features and may accidentally move or delete blocks. For more information, see “Locking the model” on page 800.
Once you have locked a model with a password, you must have that password to unlock the model. Always make unlocked copies of models before you lock them. When in RunTime mode, you cannot unlock a model.
Use Grid
Creates an invisible snap grid on the model worksheet, Notebook, or icon pane to help you draw, move, and resize objects and blocks. The grid spacing is 4 pixels. While the grid is

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