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Menu Commands and Toolbars
Database menu
enabled, you can snap the upper left hand corner of an item to the grid. To override the grid, hold down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key as you move the object.
Show Block Labels
Shows the block labels below the blocks in the model. For more information, see “Working with block dialogs” on page 30.
Show Block Numbers
Puts the block numbers in square brackets on the blocks in the model. Block numbers are unique, permanent identifiers. Each block and text block in ExtendSim has a global block number. The blocks inside a hierarchical block show two numbers - the first is the block’s global block number and the second is the block’s local number within the hierarchical block.
Show Simulation Order
Puts the number of the block’s order of execution on the blocks in the model. Hierarchical block internals have their own simulation order relative to the parent block. Simulation order is discussed at “Simulation order” on page 92.
Because blocks can override the system’s simulation order, this display may be inaccurate for discrete event (Item library) and discrete rate (Rate library) blocks that send block-to-block messages.
Set Simulation Order...
Sets the number of the block’s order of execution in the model. See “Simulation order” on page 92.
Database menu
You can create relational databases in ExtendSim to store data for use in a model and to store model outputs. Data- bases are especially useful for managing data in complex models.
☞ Databases are stored with the model. Databases automati- cally open when the model opens and are automatically saved or closed when the model is saved or closed.
To bring a database window to the front, do one of the following:
• Click its name at the bottom of the Database menu.
• Select the Navigator tool and choose its Database List
mode. Then double-click the database you want to
• GotoWindow>DatabaseListanddouble-clicka
database in the list.
☞ The tools for the database window are shown on
page 841. For more information about creating and using ExtendSim databases, see “ExtendSim databases for internal data storage” on page 747.

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