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Append New Field
Creates a new field for the selected table and puts the field below any other fields in the list.
Field Properties dialog
The dialog gives options for setting the field’s properties, such as its name, type, and initializa- tion. To enable this dialog, bring a database window to the front, as described under Database menu, above. Then select a table and give the command.
☞ To delete a field, use the Delete or Backspace key or go to Edit > Clear Fields. A dialog dis- plays the delete options and, if there is data dynamically linked to the field, warns you before deleting it.
Insert New Field
Works like the Append New Field command, except inserts the new field above the selected field in the table.
Edit Table Properties
Opens a dialog, discussed in “The Table Properties dialog” on page 758, for editing table prop- erties. This command works the same as right-clicking a database table and selecting Edit Table Properties.
Append New Records
Creates new records for the selected field and puts the records below any other records in the field. A dialog appears requesting the number of records to add. To enable the command, select
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Database menu

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