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Menu Commands and Toolbars
Develop menu
the table when the database window is in structure mode or select the table from the list when the database window is in viewer mode.
☞ To delete a record, use the Delete or Backspace key or go to Edit > Clear Record. A dialog dis- plays the delete options and, if there is data dynamically linked to the record, warns you before deleting it.
Insert New Records
Works like the Append New Records command, except inserts the new record above the selected record.
Read/Write Index Checking
“For database read/write functions, this command enables error messages if a read/write func- tion call has illegal indexes. This is a good tool to find illegal indexes and enabling this option does not impact the speed of a simulation run. Leave it off if it is preventing a legacy model from running. New models have this checked by default.
Develop menu
The Develop menu is used when creating or modify- ing blocks in libraries. See the ExtendSim Developer Reference to learn how to create your own libraries of blocks and for additional information on using these commands.
New Block
Creates a new block. In the initial dialog, you specify the block’s name and the library in which you want to save the block. Use the Open Library or New Library buttons in the dialog to open or create a library for the new block.
New Block dialog
After naming the block and selecting the library, you are presented with the default dialog and structure windows. For a quick overview on building a new block, see the Developer Reference.

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