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Open Block Structure
Opens the structure of the selected blocks. This command is equivalent to holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key while double clicking a block in the library window or on the model worksheet.
Rename Block
Changes the name of the block, including a hierarchical block. The block must be either selected in the library window or its structure window must be the active window.
Set Block Category...
Sets a block’s category. This serves two functions:
• ToorganizeblockswithintheLibrarymenubyfunctionality. • Toorganizeblockswithinstatisticalreportsbyfunctionality.
This command is only available when the block’s structure window is the active window. If Show category in Library menu is not checked in the Set Block Category dialog, the block name will be listed in alphabetical order directly under the library’s name in the Library menu. Note that you cannot change the categories of ExtendSim blocks.
Compile Block
Compiles the ModL code for the block. This is useful for checking the syntax of the code that you are working on without having to close the structure or dialog editor windows. The Com- pile command is only available when the structure window of a block is the active window. You can also choose to compile the block with debugging information and with external source code, as discussed below.
Generate Debugging Info
When the block is compiled, generates debugging information for the block. This allows you to debug block source code using breakpoints, watch points, and so forth. Blocks with debug- ging code run slower. Their names and any additional information will be listed in the library window in red and they will show in a model window with a red border around them.
To remove debugging code from a block, open the block’s structure window and uncheck the Generate Debugging Info command, or right click the block on a model worksheet and select Remove Breakpoints. To remove debugging code for an entire library, see “Remove Debug Code in Open Library Windows” on page 822.
External Source Code
When the block is compiled, generates a text file containing the block’s source code. This is used for version control. If a block has been compiled with external source code, it will be listed in the library window with the designation CM (code management) on the right side of its icon.
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