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Run menu
The Run menu lets you modify the way your simu- lation runs, show 2D and 3D animation, and gen- erate model reports. A hierarchical menu at the end provides commands for debugging models. For more information about running models, see “Model Execution” on page 593.
Run Simulation
Starts a simulation. The command first checks every block in the model to see that it has been compiled.
You can run multiple models at the same time; processor speed will be divided equally between the simulations. See also “Prioritize Front Model”, below.
Continue Simulation
This continues a simulation run in an opened model that was previously paused and saved during a simulation run. See “Saving intermediate results” on page 603.
Run Optimization or Scenarios
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Run menu
Runs an optimization or scenarios. Alerts the user
if there is no Optimizer or Scenario block (Value
library) on the model. See “Optimization” on
page 665, or see “Scenario analysis” on page 650.
Note that you cannot run optimization and scenar-
ios at the same time. ExtendSim will warn if you give this command, or use the Run Optimiza- tion or Scenarios tool, with both an Optimizer and a Scenario Manager block in the model.
Simulation Setup
Modifies the start time, end time, and other settings for a simulation run, and provides options for setting random number seeds and showing 3D animation. The dialog is described in detail in “Simulation setup” on page 594.
Prioritize Front Model
If running multiple models simultaneously, choose this to cause the frontmost model to have processor preference over the background models. Running multiple models is discussed at “Working with multiple models” on page 612.
Use Sensitivity Analysis
Causes ExtendSim to use sensitivity analysis settings when you run the simulation. Only enabled if a dialog parameter value has sensitivity settings. For more information, see “Sensi- tivity analysis” on page 646.

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