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836 Menu Commands and Toolbars
Run menu
Show 2D Animation
Causes blocks in the model that have animation to animate when the simulation is run. This is discussed in“Animation” on page 629. Note that some blocks can show some animation, such as text on the icon reporting final values, even if Show Animation is not selected. You can also choose to animate along connection lines or between named connections, as discussed below.
Add Connection Line Animation
This option controls whether or not 2D animation will be displayed along connection lines in discrete event models. If this is on, blocks from discrete event libraries, such as the Item library, will display their item animations as discussed in “Animating the movement of items between blocks (discrete event modeling only)” on page 631. If it’s off, only animations on block icons will be displayed. This command requires that Show 2D animation be checked and is only available for discrete event models.
Add Named Connection Animation
For named connections (text labels indicate the path and connection line does not appear on the worksheet), this option will cause the animation picture to travel in a straight line between the two text labels. If this option is turned off, the animation picture will disappear when it has reached a text label and reappear at the matching text label. This command requires that Show 2D animation be checked and is only available for discrete event models.
Show 3D Animation
Opens the E3D window for showing 3D animation. If the window is subsequently closed, it will reopen when the simulation run begins. This is the same as choosing Run > Simulation Setup > 3D Animation tab and selecting “Show 3D animation during simulation run”. Note that only models using libraries that support 3D animation, such as the Item library, will ani- mate in this window. For more information, see the E3D module that starts on page 461.
Show Movies (Mac OS only)
Causes blocks that have QuickTime movies to show their movies when you run the simulation. In addition, the Animate Value block (Animation 2D-3D library) has a dialog option to play a movie when it gets a value at its input. Movies must be stored in the Extensions folder and be QuickTime movie files. This command requires that you have QuickTime installed.
Launch Proof (Windows only)
Opens the Proof Animation application. This command is only enabled if Proof Animation is installed. Proof Animation is only available with certain ExtendSim products.
Launch StatFit (Windows only)
Opens the Stat::Fit application. This command is only enabled if Stat::Fit is installed. Stat::Fit
is included with the Windows version of the ExtendSim AT and ExtendSim Suite products; it can be purchased separately for use with other ExtendSim products. For more information about Stat::Fit, see “Stat::Fit (Windows only)” on page 679.
Generate Report
Causes ExtendSim to generate a report file when the simulation is run. ExtendSim will prompt for a name for the new report file when the model is run. Report files show final results of the simulation for selected blocks. They are described in “Reports” on page 689. Use the com- mands that follow to specify which type of report to generate and which blocks to include in the report.

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