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ExtendSim Product Line
Uses your current browser to open the ExtendSim web page that describes the ExtendSim products and versions.
Imagine That Inc. Online
Uses your current browser to open the Imagine That, Inc. home page at
About ExtendSim (Windows only)
Opens a banner window that lists the ExtendSim product, version and serial number and the registered user of the license. Click on the window to close it.
Toolbar buttons
New model Open model
Save model Print
Cut Copy
Paste Undo
Hide/Show connectors Navigator
Menu Commands and Toolbars 841
Toolbar buttons
3D Window
Run Optimization or Scenarios
Stop Pause/Continue
All layers
Colors Patterns
Animation on/off
Shapes popup menu Shuffle graphics
Animation faster Animation slower
Rectangle Round rectangle Oval Polygon Line Rt angle line
Append records
Insert records
Delete records
Make cells random
Make cells constant Sort records
Database Viewer toolbar
Cursor position
Icon tools popup menu
ExtendSim database tool bars
Structure/viewer mode popup New table
Append new field Insert new field
Show all tables Hide all tables
Database window toolbar
Block/text tool Graphics layer
Clone layer

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