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Value Library Blocks
This chapter provides tables of the blocks in the Value library, separated by category. Each Value library block has an icon that represents its function, predefined input and output con- nectors for quick model building, and a dialog for entering parameters and viewing results.
The tables have brief descriptions and are useful to get an idea of a block’s functionality in your model. For more details about the usage of a block:
• ClicktheHelpbuttoninthelowerleftoftheblock’sdialog
• LookintheindexofExtendSim’sonlineHelpfortheblock’sname
The blocks are listed by the block categories displayed in hierarchical submenus of the Value library menu:
• DataAccess:Accessingglobaldata
• Holding:Accumulatingorstoringvalues
• Inputs: Generating values
• Math: Calculating values
• ModelAnalysis:Findingthebestsolution
• Outputs:Writingdatatofilesordisplay
• Routing:Routingordecidingwhichvaluetouse • Statistics: Calculating mean, variance
Data Access
The blocks in this category are used to access and store data in your models.
Data Import Export
Data Init
Data Source Create
Imports and exports data from and to external data sources such as Mic- rosoft Excel, ADO and ODBC compatible databases, text files, and files from the internet via FTP.
The data can reside in ExtendSim database tables and global arrays.
Defines any values needed to initialize multiple database tables and global arrays before a simulation run starts.
Creates, resizes, deletes, and views global arrays and text files. Global arrays are general purpose arrays available anywhere in the model. Text files are ascii files containing text data, used as a data source, that can be saved on the computer's local hard drive or on the network.
Note: If you are interested in creating, editing, or viewing database tables, use the commands in the database menu.

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