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Value Library Blocks 845
Data Specs
Outputs selected specifications on data sources. Data sources can be either ExtendSim databases or global arrays.
Each row in the table defines a specification whose value will be output on the corresponding variable output connector on the block.
Reads data from a data source to be used in a model. The data sources supported are the ExtendSim database, global arrays, Excel workbooks, Text Files, and local tables.
You can specify whether you want to read a single number or a row or column of data and you can specify when the data should be read.
Writes data from a model to a data destination. The data destinations supported are: ExtendSim databases, global arrays, Excel Workbooks, Text Files, and Local Tables.
You can specify whether you want to write a single number or a row or column of data, and when the data should be written.
The blocks in this category are used to accumulate or store contents.
Holding Tank
Wait Time
Accumulates the total of the input values, and allows you to request an amount to be removed if it is available. You can also choose to allow a request that would make the contents go negative (such as an overdraft).
You can specify that the inputs are summed or integrated.
Holds its inputs for a specified amount of simulation time (the delay) before passing them to the output. This block works like a conveyor with slots: values come into a slot, advance position based on an advance in simulation time, then exit when their slot reaches the end of the conveyor.
Note: This block should not be used in a discrete event model.

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