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Value Library Blocks
The blocks in this category generate values to be used as inputs for other blocks.
Random Number
Generates a constant value at each step. You specify a constant value in the dialog (the default constant is 1.0). This block is typically used for setting the value for inputs to other blocks. For example, you can use it for a steady flow of fluid, cash, or a delay time value.
If the ValueIn input on the left is connected, the input value is added to the constant in the dialog and the sum of those two numbers is output.
Outputs a true value (1) at specified times, and a false value (0) at all other times. In the dialog, you specify the time between outputting true values (the delay or time out); the dialog value is overridden by the D connector. The R connector resets the block back to the beginning of the delay period.
Generates random integers or real numbers based on the selected distri- bution. You can use the dialog or the three inputs, 1, 2, and 3 to specify arguments for the distributions. You can select the type of distribution or use an Empirical Table. The Empirical distribution uses a table to generate a discrete, stepped, or interpolated distribution.
Outputs the value of a simulation variable. It is usually used in conjunc- tion with a decision-type block, for example, to halt a process after cur- rent time reaches a certain value. The variables you can use are: current run number, current step, current time, end time, number of runs, num- ber of steps, start time, time step, and random seed.
Simulation Variable
The blocks in this category are used to perform mathematical calculations and functions.
Makes a decision and outputs TRUE or FALSE values based on the inputs and defined logic. The dialog lets you perform the following tests comparing A to B: greater than, greater than or equal to, equal to, less than, less than or equal to, and not equal. You can also test for A being an invalid number (noValue). The block can be set to use hysteresis.
Outputs the results of the equations entered in the dialog. You can use ExtendSim's built-in operators, functions, and some or all of the input values as part of the equation. The equations can have any number of inputs and any number of outputs.

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