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Integrates the input values over time using either Euler or Trapezoidal integration methods. If present, an initial value is added to the outputs.
Acts as a lookup table (x in and y out) that are used to calculate what the output value would be for the given input. Input values can come from an input connector (the default) or can be simulation time. The output can be discrete, interpolated or stepped.
Performs a selected mathematical operation on its inputs and outputs a result.
Determines the maximum and minimum values from among the values input. The dialog shows the maximum and minimum values and the input connectors they came from. The block outputs the maximum or minimum values and the respective connector number.
Intelligently searches a database and reports the best-ranked record and its field values. Outputs to database or connectors.
Converts the value at the input connector from one time unit to another.
Value Library Blocks 847
Model Analysis
Lookup Table
Max & Min
Query Equation
Time Unit
Model Analysis
The blocks in this category are used to find optimum parameter and input values for your sim- ulation.
Block Function
Optimizer Searches for the best set of model parameters that maximizes profit or minimizes cost, given parameter limits and any entered constraints.
Uses evolutionary strategies that are similar to genetic algorithms.

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