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Item Library Blocks
This chapter provides tables of the blocks in the Item library, separated by category. Each Item library block has an icon that represents its function, predefined input and output connectors for quick model building, and a dialog for entering parameters and viewing results.
The tables have brief descriptions and are useful to get an idea of a block’s functionality in your model. For more details about the usage of a block:
• ClicktheHelpbuttoninthelowerleftoftheblock’sdialog
• LookintheindexofExtendSim’sonlineHelpfortheblock’sname
The blocks are listed by the block categories displayed in hierarchical submenus of the Item library menu:
• Activities: Processing items
• Batching: Joining and dividing items
• DataAccess:Accessingglobaldata
• Information: Getting information about items
• Properties:Assignsanddisplayspropertiesforitems
• Queues:Holding,sorting,andrankingitems
• Resources: Representing items as resources
• Routing:Movingitemstothecorrectplace
• Executive: Needed in every discrete event and discrete rate model to handle events
The blocks in this category are used to process items in the model.
Convey Item
Holds one or more items and passes them out based on the process time and arrival time for each item.
Behaves as a conveyor (accumulating or non-accumulating) that moves items from one location to another.
Transports item from one point to another based on distance and speed information. Useful in creating models with 3D animation as this block is the primary way to model multiple 3D objects moving at the same.

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