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Item Library Blocks
The blocks in this category provide information about the blocks in your model.
Cost By Item
Cost Stats
Item Log Manager
Views and displays the cost of the cost accumulators that pass through it. By using a sorting attribute or the row connector, the throughput, average cost, and total cost can be calculated for different item types.
Reports Statistics for costing blocks in a model. Place this block any- where in the model and it will report the following statistics for all cost- ing blocks in the model: Block Number (or label, if a label is entered in the block), Block Name, Cost Per Item, Cost Per Time Unit, and Total Cost.
Views and displays information about the items that pass through it. You specify which properties will be displayed. Properties can be attri- butes on the item, priority values, or other more obscure values that are available on the item.
Reports statistics about the items that pass through it, such as cycle time and TBI (Time Between Items).
(AT and Suite versions only) Creates a log of item information from the data found in selected History blocks and blocks with Contents tabs. Stores the data in an ExtendSim database. Reports can be customized.
The blocks in this category assign and display item properties.
Block Equation(I)
Calculates equations when an item passes through. The equations can use multiple inputs and properties of the item as variables, and the result(s) of the equations can be assigned to multiple outputs and prop- erties of the item.
Displays and outputs properties from items that are passing through. The property value is shown in the dialog and output at the value output connector. You can specify multiple properties and multiple output con- nectors.

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