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Item Library Blocks 855
Query Equation(I)
(AT and Suite versions only) Intelligently searches a database and reports the best-ranked record and its field values when an item arrives. Outputs to database, properties, or connectors.
Sets the properties of items passing through the block from input con- nectors, values in the dialog, or databases.
The blocks in this category hold, sort, and rank items.
Queue Equation
Queue Matching
Queues items and releases them based on a user selected queuing algo- rithm, such as Resource pool queue, Attribute value, First in first out, Last in first out, and Priority. Options include reneging and setting wait time.
If you need more advanced control over the queueing algorithm, con- sider using the Queue Equation block, below.
Queues items and releases them based on the results of user entered equations. The result(s) of the equations can optionally be assigned to properties of the item
This block is useful for matching one type of item with another, such as in reassembling parts in the correct order or to insure that subassemblies are correctly matched with each other. Has a specified number of inter- nal queues for holding items in separate groups. Releases a group when there is downstream capacity and the group requirements have been met.

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