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Item Library Blocks
The blocks in this category represent resources.
Resource Item
Resource Manager
Resource Pool
Resource Pool Release
This block holds and provides items (cars, workers, orders, and so forth) to be used in a simulation. It can be used as part of an open or closed system.
(AT and Suite versions only) Develop sophisticated resource structures and requirements.
This block holds resource pool units to be used in a simulation. These units limit the capacity of a section of a model. For example, this could be used to represent a limited number of tables at a restaurant. The Resource Pool block works with the Queue block in Resource Pool mode and the Resource Pool Release blocks.
Releases a resource back to its resource pool as an item passes through.
Generates a schedule over time which can be used to change the capac- ity of other blocks in the model. Multiple Shift blocks can be connected together to create complex shift patterns. For example the typical 40 hour work week can be built with two connected Shift blocks, the first containing the work days, the second contains the work hours.
Generates shutdown information for activities in the Item library and valves in the Rate library according to inputs or distributions specifying time between failures and time to repair.

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