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Catch Item
Select Item In
Select Item Out
Throw Item
Item Library Blocks 857
The blocks in this category move items to the correct place.
This block catches items sent by Throw Item blocks without using con- nection lines. Any number of Throw Item blocks can send items to a Catch Item block.
Provides items or values for a discrete event simulation at specified interarrival times. Choose either a distribution or a schedule for the arrival of items or values into the model.
Passes items out of the simulation. The total number of items absorbed by this block is reported in its dialog and at the value output connectors.
Limits the passing of items through a portion of the model, either by demand or by using a sensor connector to monitor how many items are in a section of the model.
Selects items from one input to be output based on a decision.
Selects which output gets items from the input, based on a decision
This block throws items to a Catch block without using connection lines. Any number of Throw blocks can send items to a single Catch block. You could use the Throw and Catch blocks instead of using Com- bine blocks, even from inside one hierarchical block to inside another one.

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