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Rate Library Blocks 861
Block descriptions
Block Interchange
Throw Flow
Acts as a Tank interfacing between Flow and Items. The Tank acts as source, intermediate storage, or sink.
Merges flows from multiple inputs into one output. Systems modeled using discrete rate technology frequently have multiple flow streams (referred to as branches) that need to be merged into one stream. It has seven different rule-based options that define how the inflow will be merged from all inputs.
Displays potential upstream supply and potential downstream demand in a Flow branch.
Acts as source, intermediate storage, or sink. As a residence type block the Tank has the capacity to hold defined amounts of flow as time advances. If a Tank has no outflow connection, by definition it is being used as a sink. Conversely, if a tank has no inflow connection, by defini- tion it is being used as a source.
Sends flow to non-connected Catch blocks. The Throw Flow and Catch Flow blocks (and the Merge and Diverge blocks in certain modes as well) can be used to move flow without the use of connection lines.
Controls, monitors, and transfers flow. This block places an upper bound on the rate at which flow is allowed to pass through. Goals can be set up to control flow.

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