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Continuous simulation is used in a broad number of diverse fields, and it would be impossible to supply one solution that would meet everyone's needs. To provide complete flexibility, all ExtendSim products include a development environment for creating custom blocks. You can create your own blocks—even your own libraries of blocks—and use them to build models. Because you have the source code for the blocks that are packaged with ExtendSim, you can adapt an existing block to your needs or create an entirely new block from scratch.
ExtendSim has an integrated, compiled development environment, so it is easy to build blocks with custom dialogs and behavior. And because the development environment is optimized for simulation and user-interface design, you can build blocks with less effort and more flexibility than by using a traditional programming language. ExtendSim's development environment has the functionality you need to create blocks that can:
• Processdata,performcalculations,andshowresultsinnumerical,graphical,andanimated form
• Communicate with other ExtendSim blocks and with external applications
• Interact with the user
By programming your own blocks you can:
• ObtainspecificbehaviorsnotavailableintheblocksincludedwithExtendSim
• CombinethefunctionalityofseveralExtendSimblocksintoonecustomblockforincreased calculation speed and convenience. (Note that this is different than using hierarchy to encap- sulate several distinct blocks as a submodel within one block.)
• Develop a library of blocks for a specific discipline, such as for control systems or paper- making processes
• Design your own modeling architecture
Blocks you create can be saved in libraries and used throughout your models just as you would use any of the standard ExtendSim libraries. And the blocks that are packaged with Extend- Sim, such as the Value library, are designed to work well as supplements to any custom blocks you may develop.
☞ The ExtendSim Developer Reference has all the information you need to program your own blocks.
Third-party libraries
Third-party developers use the ExtendSim environment to create libraries of blocks custom- ized for specific fields. For more information about third-party libraries, please go to
Discrete event or discrete rate blocks built by third parties will not run with the ExtendSim CP product.
Application areas
Computer simulation is indispensable for understanding, analyzing, and predicting the behav- ior of complex and large-scale systems. It is used to gain an understanding of the functioning of existing systems and to help design new systems by predicting their behavior before they are
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Application areas
Building custom continuous blocks

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