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Utilities Library Blocks
This chapter provides tables of the blocks in the Utilities library, separated by category. Each Utilities library block has an icon that represents its function, predefined input and output con- nectors for quick model building, and a dialog for entering parameters and viewing results.
The tables have brief descriptions and are useful to get an idea of a block’s functionality in your model. For more details about the usage of a block:
• ClicktheHelpbuttoninthelowerleftoftheblock’sdialog
• LookintheindexofExtendSim’sonlineHelpfortheblock’sname
The blocks are listed by the block categories displayed in hierarchical submenus of the Utilities library menu:
• DeveloperTools:ProvidesinformationaboutOLEobjects
• DiscreteEventTools:Managingandreportingondiscreteeventmodels • Information:Gettinginformationaboutthemodel
• Math: Performing mathematical calculations
• Model Control: Controlling how the model runs
• Time:Workingwithtimefunctions
Developer Tools
The block in this category provides information about OLE objects.
Object Mapper
Discrete Event Tools
Gets information about IDispatch properties and methods exported by activeX controls or objects that have been embedded or automated. It is useful for those needing to navigate the object model of an outside application or an embedded object via Extend's OLE programming capabilities.
The blocks in this category are used to manage and report on discrete event models.
Event Monitor
Item Messages
Displays the event calendar in discrete event models, revealing the event times for all event posting blocks.
Displays detailed information about the messages used to pass items. This block is “invisible” to the items and messages and passes each message it gets on to the next block. Also see the Record Message block, below.

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