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Utilities Library Blocks 865
Link Alert
Queue Tools
Record Message
Stop Message
Registers a section of a database so that the block receives a message when data in the linked database changes.
Views and optionally initializes the contents of a queue via tables. Con- nect the input connector to the length (L) connector on a queue (this is the only type of connector that can be connected to this block).
Records all the messages that pass between two value connections in a discrete event model. Also see the Item message block, above.
Transfers the value from the input to the output without relaying any discrete event messages. The output connector is set equal to the input connector, but the message is not sent out through the output connector.
The block in this category provides general model information to the user.
Model Compare
Block Info
Count Blocks
Find and Replace
Used with the mini-app Compare Results. Reports a summary of any differences between models run in different releases of ExtendSim.
Reports information (name, number, position, etc.) about the block con- nected to its input connector.
Calculates the number of blocks of each type in the model.
Drag a clone of a dialog item onto this icon to search for similar dialog items. You can also manually enter search criteria into the dialog.

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