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Utilities Library Blocks
Memory Usage
Calculates the amount of memory required for each block, global array, or database table in the model. It is helpful in locating where memory is being used in large models.
The blocks in this category perform mathematical functions.
Block Function
Data Fitter Uses matrix techniques to obtain a least mean square curve fit to a set of data. Both the data and the fitted curve are output during a simulation
through the output connectors (D and F, respectively).
Model Control
The blocks in this category provide various means of controlling the simulation run.
Model Interface
Pause Sim
Creates a pushbutton interface for a model. An equation is executed whenever the button is pushed. The button itself can be cloned to the model worksheet, notebook, or hierarchical block to create a user inter- face for the model.
Helps resolve feedback calculation order issues in continuous models. This is only for advanced use and only to be used in situations where you know that you have a calculation problem that is based on the simu- lation order of a feedback loop.
Displays the input relative to minimum and maximum values set in its dialog.The color and pattern can change when the current value reaches specified values. Useful as a progress bar or to animate hierarchical blocks.
Creates an interface for controlling a model.
Causes the simulation to pause when certain conditions are met.
Allows you to define a custom popup menu that you can clone to the worksheet and also use as a numeric input to your model. Outputs the value of the popup defined in the dialog, which is usually cloned to the worksheet.

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