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Utilities Library Blocks 867
Run Model
Primarily used to clone out the Run Simulation Now button onto the worksheet or notebook. This can also be done with the Buttons block. Runs the simulation when the “Run Simulation Now” button is pressed.
Provides a flexible slider for models. It can be cloned to the worksheet or Notebook, be linked to a database, and more.
Defines a switch for use on a model worksheet. Differs from the use of the switch control defined in the model menu in that it sends out a mes- sage if it is in a discrete event model.This will have the effect of making the other blocks in the model react immediately to the switch click.
The blocks in this category work with time functions in the model.
Reports information about simulation run times, including duration of the run and profiles of the execution time and memory allocation for blocks in the model.
It should be placed at the far right side of the model worksheet.
Synchronizes the model to run in real time. It does this by pausing on each simulation step until the amount of simulation time that has passed equals the amount of real time that has passed. This is only effective if the model is running faster than real time.

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