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870 Upper Limits
Like every program, ExtendSim has its limits. It is unlikely that you will find them in your nor- mal work, but it is good to know what they are. Note: Some limits depend on available mem- ory.
Steps in a simulation run
Number of simulations in a multiple run
Block name or label length, characters
Blocks in a model
Blocks in a library
Libraries open at one time
Text files open at one time
Databases per model
Tables per database/fields per table/records per table
Output connectors in a model (nodes)
Connectors per block
Length of a block’s ModL code (characters)
Dialog items in a block
2D animation objects per block
Dynamic arrays (each array)
Number of array dimensions
Maximum index for array dimensions
Dynamic arrays per block
Columns in a table
Total table size (cells) per block for static data tables
Total table size (cells) each, for dynamic data tables
Variable name length: dialog item msgs, connector names
Variable name length: ModL local, static variables Static and local variable declarations
Maximum popup menu length
User defined function arguments
Nested loops
Maximum, minimum of real numbers Maximum, minimum of integer numbers
2 billion 2 billion 31
2 billion 200
2 billion
2 billion/1,000/2 billion
2 billion
4 megabytes
2 gigabytes
2 billion elements total
255 (data table); 255 (text table) 3260 (data table); 2030 (text table) 2 billion
32,767 bytes
5100 characters or 20 strings 127
±1E±308 ±2,147,483,647

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