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Cross-Platform Considerations 875
Transferring files between operating systems
Proportionately scale drawing object
Windows keyboard
Hold down the Shift key while resizing the object
Mac OS keyboard
Hold down the Shift key while resizing the object
Transferring files between operating systems
The Windows and Mac OS versions of ExtendSim are cross-platform compatible. For exam- ple, if you build a model or a library on your Windows computer, you can move it to a Mac OS computer and ExtendSim will read it, and vice versa.
There are three considerations when transferring ExtendSim files between Windows and Mac OS systems: file name adjustments, physical transfer, and file conversion.
☞ Models and libraries developed in an older version and different platform may not transfer suc- cessfully. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version on the source plat- form, re-save the structure of any hierarchical blocks stored in libraries (see “Saving hierarchical blocks to a library” on page 626) and recompile any libraries that you have cre- ated. Then re-save your models before transferring your files.
File name adjustments
• WindowstoMacOS:IfyouaretransferringfilesfromaWindowscomputertoaMacOS, you do not need to change the file name or delete the extension; the Mac OS system can read names up to 31 characters long.
☞ It is important that you do not delete the MOX extension from a Windows model file name before transferring the model to your Mac OS system. The MOX extension is required so ExtendSim can identify the file as a Windows model. After ExtendSim has converted the Win- dows model to Mac OS format, save the model under the same name or a new name.
• MacOStoWindows:IfyoutransferfilesfromaMacOStoaWindowscomputer,youmay need to change the name of your file before you transfer it. ExtendSim supports file names of up to 64 characters for Windows. File names must end in a three-character extension (the extensions are “.MOX” for ExtendSim model names, “.LIX” for library names, and “.TXT” for text file names). To change your file names to Windows format, change the name of the file on the Mac OS computer using ExtendSim’s Save As command (if the file is open) or using the Finder (if the file is not open).
Physically transferring files
Once you have made any necessary file name adjustments, physically transfer the files between Windows and Mac OS computers. This process depends on your system resources and is independent of ExtendSim. For example, you might copy the file onto a memory stick. Or you could send the files directly from one computer to the other if the computers are net- worked.
☞ Libraries and extensions created on a Mac OS computer need to be converted before being physically transferred to the Windows system, as discussed below.
File conversion
Depending on the type of file, file conversion may be handled automatically by ExtendSim or may involve using a conversion application. As discussed below, ExtendSim automatically

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